St Osyth Boatyard and Port

St Osyth has over 800 years history as a port and the family owned boatyard has an excellent reputation for the restoration of smacks, barges and yachts.

Sunset over the boatyard

In the past Thames Barges used St Osyth Creek to transport agricultural produce to London, bring coal to the village and service the Tidal Mill. Bricks were also carried to London from Flag Wharf on Flag Creek. During the 18th century it was used to import guano for use as fertilizer on the Priory lands.

The Trinovante undergoing maintenance

The boatyard today has a slipway, hardstanding, two covered dry-docks for barges or houseboats, undercover storage in two Nissen Sheds, mud berths and craning facilities. The boatyard staff are particularly skilled in rebuilding and restoring traditional wooden barges and boats.

Two Thames Barges

Boats of note often seen in the yard including the EDME, a restored engineless Thames Barge and the Trinovante, a modern three masted schooner used for sailing holidays and experiences.

St Osyth Boatyard
Schoonersail (The Trinovante)
EDME Thames Sailing Barge