About St Osyth

Priory Darcy Wall

Nestling among the tidal creeks in the far east of Essex, St Osyth has seen settlements of people for thousands of years. Today it is best known for its 12th century Priory around which the village is now centred and its holiday parks. However there is so much more to St Osyth.

The village of St Osyth has had many different names and spellings throughout the centuries but today in the vernacular many locals still call it Toosey.

Old Villagers

So what can St Osyth offer?

Saxon legends of a martyred saint, the persecution and execution of innocent women as witches, beautiful historic buildings including a former Priory, precious marshland nature reserves, a beautiful church dating from the 12th century, Napoleonic defensive towers, holiday parks, stories of the lives lost by the merciless surging sea, a thriving modern affordable holiday destination and more.

We have so many more stories to tell, we hope you will enjoy our site and please visit us soon.

St Osyth Parish Council