Buildings of St Osyth

St Osyth boasts 116 listed buildings and structures representing hundreds of years of history. From small labourers cottages through working farms to former monastic buildings.

Dominating the village centre are the magnificent buildings that make up The Priory, a former Augustinian Abbey. The large Abbey Church was demolished after the Dissolution of the Monasteries but the remaining buildings are a treasure trove of architectural periods and styles.

Other buildings such as St Clere’s Hall show the glories of the past whereas The Cage tells of a not so glorious time.

The 900 year old Anglican Church of St Peter and St Paul whose fortunes were once tied to the Abbey is well worth a prolonged visit.

Hidden away and now in use as offices and housing, are the Methodist and Swedenborgian Chapels who together with the Quakers formed a strong non-conformist element in the village.