St Osyth Museum

St Osyth Museum is housed in one of two small chapels in the Cemetery at Clay Lane St Osyth. It is currently housed in a former Non-Conformist Chapel which was built in 1855 when the new cemetery was opened.

The Museum is operated by the St Osyth Historical Society which was formed in 1995 and is supported by St Osyth Parish Council. The Historical Society is registered as a charity. The Museum began one year later in 1996 and is staffed by volunteers from the Society.

St Osyth Museum

The Archives contain donated documents, photographs and artefacts together with research on local family history.

There is now an opportunity for the Museum to move into the Priory grounds in the village centre and share a building with an education centre.

St Osyth Museum Sign

The location of the Museum close to other sites of visitor interest will boost the variety of attractions and provide a more convenient point of information and explanation about the village and its history.